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Celebrating the 9 year anniversary of anela

9 years has passed since anela first opened.

We are so grateful to have reached this far.

anela began at a tiny room on the third floor of the Nishijin main branch, where the owner was running the salon by herself.

anela was first opened in the year 2012, October 15th.

Today, anela has grown into a company that holds 12 staffs including those who graduated and started their own business. The branch has spread to Kyoto station, Karasuma station, and one more store is soon to be opened.

We were able to come all this way thanks to the support of our customers.

Thank you so much!

Next year we will reach 10th anniversary.

Each and every staff will keep on improving their skills and services so that our customers can have the very best of time in anela.

Once again, thank you for all the support.

Owner of anela

Aika Shimizu

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