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​Our dedication  to heal the body to the core

anela's motto... that is to be a place every customer can take a break from daily life and relax to their heart's content.

The combination of the  ancient techniques of shiatsu and Thai massage is sure to get right to the core. 



​Healing with aroma

We are proud of our firm oil massage that uses carefully selected rice oil and essential oils.

​The refreshment you feel after flushing out all the toxins and cleansing the lymph system is addictive!


​With your loved ones

Enjoy a massage with friends and partners

There's even  a pair room at the Kyoto Station salon. 

How about spending time with your loved ones in a relaxed and healing space? 


Warming your body and soul 

We provide herb balls and hot stones to warm you to the core.

To compliment your massage, you can also try herb sauna and foot bath.

​It's perfect on a cold winter day!


​anela branches

Image by Johnny McClung



Image by zoo_monkey

Sanjyo Krasuma Branch

Image by Greg Jeanneau

Kyoto Station Branch

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​anela's values


Treatment that suits your body

Every person has different needs.

The kind of treatment you need can change from time to time as well.​ anela provides the treatment you need the most from our abundant menu.


A salon opened for everyone

We welcome not only men, but also expectant mothers and mothers with young children. There is at least one staff that can speak English in every salon branch, so those uncomfortable with Japanese can relax without worries about miss-communication.


Continuous skill development

​Additionally, anela conducts regular ongoing training for all staff members. We also actively participate in various seminars around Japan and the world, such as Thai massage and anatomy. Every staff member aims to keep improving their skills.


​Spreading the joy

anela takes good care of its staff members by providing a good working environment.

 A content masseuse can spread her joy to her customers and society.

​anela takes one step ahead by supporting facilities for the disables by purchasing their goods. 

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