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​Dry massage

We relieve muscles with firm shiatsu,

and anela original stretches.

​60min ¥5500


Thai massage

With various stretch techniques,

we relieve knots in the muscles. 

​60min  ¥7000


​Golki facial

Make your face smaller & youthful by relieving the swellings from your face.

​30min ¥5500



Refresh with flushing out toxins,

and loosening stiffness.  

​60min ¥8000



For those who are tired from walking and standing for long hours...

​30min  ¥3800


Head massage

Head massage to relieve stress from 

your eyes and shoulders.

       40min ¥4800   

Optional menu 

​ ¥1000

Herb ball &
Hot stone

Warms the body to the core and loosens muscles


​Foot spa with Pink salt & scrub

​Scrub massage after foot spa for cuticle care

Herbal sauna

​Sweat out toxins. Effective for skincare.

​20min ¥1000

Heat therapy mat

​A diet menu to sweat all toxins out.

​20min ¥1000

We have many coupons and set menus on 

Hot Pepper Beauty.

Feel free to check it out!

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